The Sek eins Höfe

The Sek eins Höfe is the umbrella middle school organisation in the Höfe District. Our schools are located in Pfäffikon (Weid), Freienbach (Leutschen) and Wollerau (Riedmatt). In total, 550 pupils attend our schools. They are taught by 80 teachers. Our schools are well maintained and are equipped with modern infrastructure and teaching equipment.

The Sek eins Höfe provides an up-to-date ICT infrastructure, including personal tablets/convertible computers for every pupil who have full access to the school network – also from home. The mobile devices are an integrated part of our pedagogical and methodical concept and therefore regularly used in the classes.

The Höfe District is home to many international firms. Furthermore, expats are attracted by the distance to Zurich and the airport, the favourable tax scheme and the beautiful countryside. We believe that, for the sake of social cohesion, it is important for the citizens of our region take part in communal life. To this end, we run special programmes in language and culture for pupils who come to us from abroad. The pupils are integrated in a normal class but also attend an intensive German course for twelve weeks. After this time the additional German tuition is reduced according to the pupils needs. In these special programmes pupils also get to know Swiss culture and habits.