school social work

School Social Work

For YOU - pupils

No matter whether you are suffering from heartache, anxiety, bad grades, or are having trouble with your parents, friends or a teacher, we listen to you and advise you. We are bound by professional secrecy and treat your concerns with the utmost confidentiality.

For YOU - parents, guardians and teachers

Are you worried about your child? Do you have any questions about the school? Is there anything you want to tell us? Do you need advice and support? We are happy to listen to your concerns and provide you with solution-oriented support.

The school social work (SSW) team provides advice and support to pupils, parents, guardians and teachers. It is a low-threshold, solution-oriented and professional counselling service on site. It is bound by professional secrecy. The offers are voluntary and free of charge.


Renate Theiler

+41 55 415 75 16

Available on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.


Rebecca Giavoni

+41 55 415 75 06

Available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.