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Educational Concept «Ich bi parat!»

The new educational concept will be introduced gradually in the school years 2022/23 and 2023/24. It provides the framework for the educational work, but also leaves room for developments specific to each school building or year group.

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It is based on the cantonal Curriculum 21, the cantonal lesson plan, the educational principles of Sek eins Höfe, the joint vision for the elementary school of the future (AVS, PHSZ, LSZ, VSLSZ), the new assessment regulations of the Canton of Schwyz, which will be introduced in the 2023/24 school year, and the recommendations of the UNESCO Science Council.


Pupils are supported in their personal development, can acquire additional interdisciplinary and subject-specific skills and are additionally motivated in their learning with various offers. Young people with strong (partial) talents receive special learning opportunities for their further academic and professional path.

Four dimensions of personality development

"Ich bi parat!" (I'm ready!) This motto expresses the inner, mental and physical willingness to take on something new, to face a challenge or to tackle a task with confidence. The use of the slogan in Swiss German emphasises the immediacy and emotionality in different areas of life. The four dimensions include a variety of skills and ways of acting that guide educational action:

I'm ready...
... to learnknowledge, learning strategies, methods
... for the demandingself-confidence needed to tackle challanges and to preservere
... for mutual respectto be a team player and to take on responsibility
... to look after my healthmake sure I get sufficient exercise and relaxation
i am ready

Four basic elements

The orientation week, held for each year group (YG), kicks off a new school year. Learning labs encourage the young people to work independently. PTG modules enable interest-driven learning. Project weeks deal with topics of Curriculum 21. The four basic elements will be introduced step by step in the school years 2022/23 and 2023/24

The orientation week

YGThe orientation weekContent
1I'm ready ... for Sek eins HöfeTablet hand-out and introduction, getting to know the school building and the people, introduction to the learning lab
2I'm ready ... for my futureCareer choice: Creation of a personal career choice portfolio, promotion of presentation skills, visit to the career information centre
3I'm ready ... for lifeKick-off for the 4C modules: Critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity: planning school trips, supporting non-profit organisations/community, workshops on etiquette, theatre and shaping the future, working with the coaching booklet

Learning lab (LL)

The learning lab takes place from YG 1 to YG 3 for four to six lessons, two of which are organised across classes in the YG and shown in the timetable accordingly. The young people are supported in the gradual transition from guided, self-directed learning to self-organised learning.

PTG modules (PTG = Promotion for talented and gifted children)

Based on the contents of "Ich bin parat!", two weekly lessons are set aside for PTG modules in each year group. These modules, organised each trimester, are open to all pupils to promote their talents and gifts. This makes it possible to offer support across all classes (English, French, MINT/ICT, music/creative).

YG1st trimester2nd trimester3rd trimester
1PTG modules, across year groups

The goal: Emotional, mental and social health

Possible contents: Self-organisation (e.g. learning to learn), personality development (e.g. happiness modules, theatre elements) Team-building modules in which tasks are solved together, etc.
Project work part 1

The goal: Learning project steps and how to organise a project

Focus on these methods: Formulating research questions and/or SMART objectives, strengths-based presentation technique, WIN feedback

Possible template:
Riedmatt geography project: People's Place in the World
PTG modules, across year groups

The goal: To build and expand knowledge, to take on challenges

Possible contents: Basic modules, interest-based modules, challenge modules;
other models possible
2PTG modules, across year groups

The goal: To build and expand knowledge, to take on challenges

Possible contents: PTG modules: English, French, MINT, programming, music, creative, etc.
I'm ready for my future

The goal: To build and expand knowledge, to take on challenges

Contents: I'm ready for my future: KSA preparation, no PTG modules but career guidance activities
Project work part 2
Research at Sek eins Höfe

The goal: Project planning and expanding knowledge

Possible contents: Youth research with electronic survey and presentation in classes;
Bilingual classes: in English (Science Fair or similar)
3Project work part 3
4C and group project

The goal: To work reliably with others as a team player

Possible contents: 4C: Critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity; planning a group project/event: service/product for an external reference group, e.g. pensioners, primary school, nursery school, integration class, municipality, corporation, sponsored run, …
I'm ready to learn for myself and for others

The goal: To apply learning strategies and take responsibility towards others

Contents: Preparation for Federal Vocational Baccalaureate, vocational secondary school and KSA, for the others:
Organise art and creativity courses, kick-off for individual in-depth work
Project work part 4
Individual in-depth work

The goal: To plan, carry out and describe / reflect on an independent project

Contents: Individual in-depth work

"I'm ready!" weeks

In the 2023/24 school year, a project week will be held in which courses from the following subject areas will be offered in accordance with Curriculum 21. From the 2024/25 school year, one project week is planned in the fall and one in the spring.

  • Politics, democracy and human rights
  • Natural environment and resources
  • Gender and equality
  • Health
  • Global development and peace
  • Cultural identities and intercultural understanding
  • Economy and consumption

incl. French, English (and possibly Italian) language weeks