Learning and Support Centre

All special needs education services and measures at Sek eins Höfe are coordinated and aligned. In this way, we ensure the optimal networking of all stakeholders.

The offers

The CIP (Centre for Integration and Promotion) specialist and advisory team meets weekly as the central body of the Learning/Support Centre. School/Area management, special education teachers and school social workers are always present at these meetings. If necessary, other specialists are called in and included.

Integrated support (IS)

Special education teachers support individual pupils with special needs. Support measures are taken based on identified school and learning difficulties. These can be of a subject-specific or interdisciplinary nature.
The school management will be happy to provide further information.

German as a second language (GSL)

We organise special German courses for new pupils from foreign countries. To begin with, the young people attend an intensive German language course, in which they receive 15 German lessons per week over 12 weeks. During this time, the pupils are allocated a place in a regular mainstream class. Following this, GSL classes are still taught to a reduced extent.
The school management will be happy to provide further information.

Sek eins Höfe LIFT Teenproject

Career coaching

As a rule, career guidance takes place in the regular classes as part of the career choice lessons. In difficult situations, this may exceed the resources of the regular class teacher and more intensive support may be required. In these cases, individual career coaching can be organised for a pupil.
The school management will be happy to provide further information.

Training room

If a pupil in the class is clearly disrupting the lesson, the young person can be sent to the training room. This allows the class to be taught again without disruption, and the young person in question can work alone in a one-to-one setting and reflect on his/her behaviour.
The school management will be happy to provide further information.

school social pedagogy

Pupils of all levels of secondary school who are temporarily unable to attend school due to pronounced school fatigue the Sek eins Höfe offers targeted learning fields. Led by a social pedagogue, these include topics for the specific promotion of personal and social skills in crisis situations. The school administration will be happy to provide further information.

Learning coaching

Learning coaching is a central element in sustainably promoting self-directed learning. Learning coaching creates the optimal conditions for learning how to become more successful.
Coaching focuses on how to learn. It is holistic and independent of the subject matter.
The school management will be happy to provide further information.

Sek eins Höfe DaZ German as a second language

The LIFT youth project

With weekly work assignments in various companies and accompanying training in social and interpersonal skills, the LIFT (Leistungsfähig durch individuelle Förderung und praktische Tätigkeit – high-performance through individual support and practical work experience) support programme prepares pupils from year 7 onwards for a career start after elementary school. Young people gain valuable experience in a new social environment. They become more confident and improve their social skills. The programme increases the participants' chances of finding a place in the world of work.
The LIFT youth project is open to pupils from all our schools. The work placements take place on Wednesday afternoon and are remunerated with a small hourly wage.
Further information can be found at www.jugendprojekt-lift.ch

Project management and WWP coordinator, Marco Müller

Sek eins Höfe career choice

School island

The school islands are small classes according to SRSZ 611.211 §7. Pupils can be taught separately or partially separated in the school island according to their individual and current needs. The aim is always to (re)integrate the young person. The organisational structure and implementation is highly flexible so that the current needs of the pupils can be addressed.
The target group is pupils at all levels of lower secondary school with severe behavioural problems who cannot be taught in the regular system temporarily or permanently and/or show marked school fatigue.
The school management will be happy to provide further information.