Centre for Integration and Promotion - CIP

Students who need special care or have special needs are looked after and assessed accordingly in our Centre for Integration and Promotion. Our curative school teachers are additionally trained for this task.

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Promotion for talented and gifted children – PTG

The PTG supports our regular teaching programme with various offers. Pupils with special abilities are additionally encouraged in various areas. Be it challenge courses in mathematics or additional language courses, students are educated according to their needs. The promotion of social, personal and emotional skills is indispensable for young people today. The PTG allows us to provide targeted support to regular class teachers in this area.

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German as a second language – GSL

We organise special German courses for new students from foreign countries. At the beginning, youngsters attend an intensive German language course, in which they receive 15 weekly German lessons over 12 weeks. During this time, the children will be allocated a place in a regular homeroom class. Following this, GSL classes are still taught to a reduced extent.

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During the transitional year – the last school year at the elementary school – pupils can choose some of their subjects themselves. Depending on their career aspirations and interests, they choose optional subjects from the areas of STEM, languages, manual work and home economics.

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Career selection
Sek eins Höfe intensively supports young people with choosing a profession and finding a job. Our programme runs for a period of three years. In the first year, the focus is on self-discovery. In the second year, pupils get to know the various occupational fields and get a taste of the world of work with trial apprenticeships. The search for apprenticeships begins towards the end of the second year. We work closely with the career counsellors from the Career Information Service (BIZ) in Pfäffikon.


LIFT - Youth project

With weekly work assignments in various companies and accompanying training in social and interpersonal skills, the LIFT (Leistungsfähig durch individuelle Förderung und praktische Tätigkeit – high-performance through individual support and practical work experience) support programme prepares pupils from year 7 onwards for a career start after elementary school. Youngsters gain valuable experience in a new social environment. They become more confident, improve their social skills and grow their personalities. The programme increases opportunities for pupils from difficult backgrounds to find a place in the world of work and thus in society.

The LIFT youth project is open to students from all our schools. In weekly module lessons, youngsters are prepared for their assignment at a weekly work placement (WWP). The work placements, which last three months, take place on Wednesday afternoon and are remunerated with a small hourly wage.

Further information can be found at www.jugendprojekt-lift.ch

Project Management and WWP Coordinator, Marco Müller

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