The bilingual classes constitute a modern, dual-language educational programme (partly in English) for youngsters from Höfe with very high cognitive ability. It prepares pupils for progression to a high school as well as for demanding occupations (above all with the vocational baccalaureate).

The third year of the bilingual classes offers high-performing pupils an attractive opportunity to prepare for attendance at a BMS (vocational high school) or other high school, e.g. FMS (technical high school).

Students of “standard” middle school classes can be admitted to the third year of the bilingual classes if they have a satisfactory performance record.

The bilingual classes are held at the Riedmatt school in Wollerau and the Weid school in Pfäffikon. Students of the bilingual classes have access to open day school structures with lunch, sport and study (supervised learning time).

Pedagogical concept
The lesson content is based on the current curriculum of the Canton of Schwyz. Because learners possess exceptional ability, the lessons include expanded learning content in addition to the basic material.

The class is dual-language, i.e. various subjects (e.g. mathematics, music, natural sciences and geography) are partly taught in English from the first year onwards.

The intensive language week “pepperMINT” deepens linguistic and scientific knowledge. Youngsters also improve their performance skills.

“Compacting” (one hour less of mathematics and French or German per week) makes it possible to implement additional content and skills. Attendees of the bilingual classes can do this without compromising curriculum objectives.

In the second semester of the first year, a French language week takes place in French-speaking Switzerland.

Youngsters also carry out a musical or theatre project.

  • The basics of project management are taught and applied.
  • Interdisciplinary skills (self- and methodological competence) in addition to self-directed and self-organised learning are important components for personality development. They complement the advancement of professional skills.

Talent promotion

7th school year

  • Interdisciplinary skills
  • Reflection, strengths, interests, grasping learning style, accepting diversity, solving conflicts, accepting criticism, acquiring learning strategies
  • pepperMINT (1 week)
  • Theatre or musical project or Lingua/MINT special interest modules
  • Self-organised learning (SOL)
  • French language week in Estavayer-le-Lac (1 week)
  • In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (HSR): HSRelectronics4you

8th school year

  • Foreign languages
    • French DELF A1/2, possibly B1
    • English PET, FCE or CAE Course
  • Special interest modules LINGUA/MINT
  • Preparation for entrance examination for a cantonal high school
  • Project work for grammar school graduates
  • Evaluation Stellwerk 8 + preparation SOL 3rd Sekpro
  • Grading tests in maths, German and foreign languages (F/E);,,
  • “Scratch” Computer Science Unplugged
  • In cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Rapperswil (HSR): HSRlab

9th school year

  • Intensive “Spice up your English” week at the beginning of the school year
  • English Cambridge FCE or CAE course
  • Language studies in England (voluntary)
  • Preparation for DELF A2/B1
  • Intensive French week “Pimentez français!”
  • MINT projects (in cooperation with the HSR): HSR Robotics and HSR Robolympics
  • 1 additional weekly French lesson
  • Special interest modules, based on requirements for
    • BMS (vocational high school)
    • FMS (technical high school)
    • KSA (cantonal high school)
    • HMS (business school)
    • Computer science courses
  • Project WEIDMedia
  • Artpro (songwriting, music video, art days...)


Admission requirements
Experience in the Sekproclasses show that the following prerequisites should be fulfilled in order to pass the dual languageclasses:

  • Assessment grades as well as final grades in French and English in the report at the end of the first semester of elementary school year 6
  • Recommendation: Average assessment grade of 5.0 or higher
  • In the assessment subjects as well as in English and French, the grades must be at least 5.0
  • Final grades in the other subjects
  • Assessments of social, learning and work behaviour at least “achieved”
  • Assessment grade in relation to class average

Admission procedure

  1. With the assessment certificate, the parents of the children proposed for middle school receive the application form for registration to Sekpro.
  2. The parent or legal guardian submits the application for admission (with a copy of the semester certificate from year 6) to the Sekpro school administration.
  3. The school administration assesses the application and decides on the admission.
  4. The decision is communicated to the legal guardians in writing.
  5. Appeals: The District School Board is the first port of appeal.

Information and events

Sekpro information evening: Tuesday 14 January 2020, 7.30-8.30 p.m, school hall Weid

Further information and event announcements to follow.



Contact person – Contact

Management Sekpro
Adrian Reinhard
Office 055 415 75 04
Mobile 079 701 20 59
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Rector Sek eins Höfe
Rick Bachmann
Office 055 415 75 01
Mobile 079 820 66 44

Sibylle Kistler
Office 055 415 75 08
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