talent ausserschwyz is an offer for athletically or artistically talented young people from Ausserschwyz.
The sponsors of talent ausserschwyz are the two upper levels “Sek eins Höfe” and “Sek 1 March”.
talent ausserschwyz is part of the Schwyz elementary school and free of charge for talented young people from both districts. The learning material and learning objectives are based on cantonal guidelines. The talent ausserschwyz timetable enables ambitious talented youngsters to combine top talent and school performance. Young talents benefit from fewer school lessons (25 instead of 34-35), giving them longer for time-consuming advancement in the talent area. talent ausserschwyz works closely with partner organisations from the respective talent areas as well as with the parents of the talented youngsters. This is the only way to encourage exceptional performance; we look forward to the joint challenges! For further information please visit our website: www.talentausserschwyz.ch