Supplementary school offers


School social work – SSW
Is an offer of professional advice for pupils, which is also available free of charge to parents, guardians and teachers. The advice sessions are guided by a strong systemic and solution-driven focus. School social work is generally subject to professional secrecy.

School social work offers young people support for coping with social challenges and personal concerns. It promotes youngsters’ strengths and skills to help them act and find solutions to problems independently. If necessary, it plays a mediating role in conflicts.
The school social work team offers advice for parents when they have questions about their daughter/son’s development. School social work supports the cooperation between legal guardians and the school.
School social work supports classes with processes relating to group-dynamics and provides information and prevention services on a wide range of topics. It has a strong presence in everyday school life, which contributes to a positive school culture. Pupils can directly approach the school social work team under their own motivation. In consultation with the school social work team, teachers can compel pupils to attend an interview.
Parents, guardians and friends can contact the school social work team themselves or motivate the young person in question to make contact with it.

Riedmatt and Leutschen locations

Renate Theiler
Office opening hours Monday, Tuesday & Thursday, 8.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.
Telephone 079 291 01 70

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Weid location

Rebecca Giavoni
Office opening hours Tuesday, Wednesday morning and early morning Friday
Telephone 079 893 31 85 

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During lunchtime and in the afternoon (3.15 - 4.45 p.m.) pupils have the opportunity to do homework or other school assignments under supervision. This offer is free of charge.


Voluntary courses

Various voluntary courses are held during lunchtime. In addition to normal lessons, pupils can engage in sporting, musical or artistic activities here.
Course topics (selection)

  • Volleyball
  • Floorball
  • Apparatus gymnastics
  • Painting time
  • Do-it-yourself
  • French conversation
  • English conversation
  • Band

The course offers are free of charge and vary according to the current situation.




School lunches

School lunches are available for students on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. This is offered at all three schools. The meals are cooked by Issgut GmbH at Schule Weid and distributed to all school locations.

Pupils who opt for school lunches stay on the school grounds during lunch. This offer is subsidised by the district of Höfe.

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