Schooltime/Worktime offers

The challenges of our society always have an impact in school. Coupled with individual development and the family environment, young people can find themselves in an disadvantageous downward spiral: School and learning fatigue, disadvantageous learning, work and social conditions, lack of prospects, handicaps for entering the world of work, etc.

This development can overburden the normal school system and make it necessary to intervene. Sek eins Höfe’s Schooltime/Worktime (STWT) offers excellent support in this situation.

The schooling is highly individualised and can take the following forms.

Lessons in small groups

Duration: 1-3 years

Target group: Pupils without special school status who cannot cope in a regular class or who disrupt the course of lessons.
Focus: Work, learning and social behaviour, structure/support.

Process: If the school’s regular options are exhausted, a request is sent to Schooltime. The Schooltime class teacher visits the pupil in the regular class and proposes a Schooltime taster week in cooperation with the regular class teacher and specialists involved. At the end of the taster week, a parent-teacher discussion takes place under the direction of the school administration. At this meeting, a decision is made regarding further schooling.

Other: Individual possibilities of integration into sub-areas of the standard classes are examined (e.g. electives, French, design, economics-work-budget). In exceptional cases, reintegration into the normal school class is possible. The Office of School Psychology and the referring school are involved in the admission process. Admission is also possible during the year.

Assisted timeout

Duration: Usually an agreement of three weeks
Target group: Pupils who are temporarily unable to cope in the normal school class due to various situations.
Focus: Social pedagogical elements are foregrounded along with work assignments and other aspects over

2 ½ - 3 days/week. In addition, core subjects are taught in the small Schooltime group.

In consultation with all participants, reintegration into the standard class takes place after three weeks.

Process: Following discussions with the pupil and the parents, it was not possible to mitigate the educational problem area. Relief of the normal school system is indicated. After careful consideration between class teacher/school administration/school social worker, a time-limited, supervised school timeout is pronounced. The school administration informs the parents. During the timeout, work is carried out with the young person on the defined objectives.

Supervised long-term timeout

In exceptional cases, the timeout may be extended to three months. Social pedagogical elements are foregrounded along with work assignments and other aspects. Individualised lessons are taught in the small Schooltime group. The aim here is to achieve orderly completion of compulsory schooling.

Supervised practical training

For pupils for whom reintegration into a regular class is not possible and/or for whom a long-term combination of an internship in a company with teaching in a small group is beneficial and prudent due to their school situation. The aim here is successful entry into the professional world.

Career selection coaching

Pupils who have a special need for support with the career selection process. Individual coaching for the personal career selection process.

Teaching/working/support times STWT

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday                               8.00 a.m. to   3.00 p.m.

Wednesday                                                                           8.00 a.m. to 11.45 a.m.

During lunchtime, youngsters stay in school (school meals) or eat outside according to the programme.

Parents or guardians bear the costs of travelling to school and for school meals.


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