Starting in the academic year 2021/22, Sek eins Höfe will continue with bilingual classes but using a new concept. In doing so, it is following on from the success of Sekpro. The bilingual classes will be part of the new BBF concept (BBF = Begabten- und Begabungsförderung = gifted and talented education), which is being developed due to the closure of the Leutschen site in 2022. The bilingual classes are run at the Riedmatt and the Weid schools.

Like regular secondary schools, the bilingual programme offers comprehensive preparation for the transfer to Gymnasium (with bilingual Matura), to higher secondary level schools and to vocational apprenticeships. According to the BBF concept, specific additional courses in mathematics and technology are open to all high-achieving and motivated students.

The management of bilingual classes is in accordance with the legal requirements of the Canton of Schwyz.


Target group of bilingual secondary

The target group of the bilingual secondary school is students who are highly motivated and willing to work hard to transfer from primary school to the public secondary school in the Höfe district. They show competencies such as independence, self-confidence, motivation and interest, at a well-developed and age-appropriate level.


Curriculum and syllabus

The teaching content is based on the valid curriculum of the Canton of Schwyz. Because some subjects are taught in English, the students acquire additional language skills.

The combination of the Swiss Curriculum, the flexibility of the lesson allocation and the new BBF concept allow for individual development in specific subjects and interdisciplinary competencies.


Subjects taught bilingually

The subjects Mathematics, RZG (Spaces, Times, Societies) and Nature and Technology (from the 2nd year) are mainly taught in English. Other subjects, such as Music, Physical Education, Visual Arts, or an elective in English, may also be partially taught in English.


Admission and recommendations

Parents enroll their child in the bilingual secondary school in the 6th grade as part of the regular transfer procedure. In principle, all children who have been assigned to the secondary school can register for the bilingual secondary school.

For the students of the bilingual secondary school, the fact that they must be able to understand and apply learning material in various subjects in German and English requires a high degree of ability and willingness to perform.

The following recommendations apply for successful completion of the bilingual secondary school:

  • Students with high motivation and a willingness to perform at a higher level
  • Average (all promotional subjects) of at least 5.3 in grade 5 and 6 at primary level
  • At least 5.0 in English and French
  • Stable and consistent learning/working and social behavior

Anmeldeformular bilinguale Sek


Admission procedure

  • Parents and children of the 6th grade are informed about the bilingual secondary school at the information evening in September.
  • At the 6th grade transfer meeting, the parents of the potential students discuss the options for the secondary school (regular or bilingual) with the teacher.
  • In mid-March, the parents of the 6th graders assigned to the secondary school receive a letter with details of the admission procedure to the bilingual secondary school.
  • The application must be sent to the school administration by the end of March at the latest.
  • The school management of the Sek eins Höfe checks the applications and contacts the parents of those children who do not reach or only partially fulfill the recommendations. The school management will advise the parents that the bilingual Sek may be too demanding for their child.
  • The parents confirm the final enrollment by April 20.


School location and class assignment

The school location and class allocation guidelines of the Sek eins Höfe apply to all students.

  • Balanced class sizes at both school locations as far as possible
  • Geographical distance to the school
  • If a student cannot be enrolled at his or her place of residence, then at least one student from the same district should be assigned to the same class.
  • Justified recommendation from the Department of School Psychology (ASP) or Triaplus (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Schwyz).
  • No preferential treatment is given.



The promotion is based on the cantonal requirements. The grade point average for promotion to the next grade is 4.0. Students who do not meet the grade point average will repeat the year (in the bilingual Sek or another Sek class) or transfer to a 2nd Real class.



Transfer from and to the standard secondary classes is guaranteed in accordance with cantonal regulations.

The admission of students during the lower secondary level is possible at the following dates:

- End of 1st semester of the 1st school year

- End of 2nd school year



Transfer to secondary school is based on the assessment in elementary school. In case of dispute about the allocation (higher or lower level), the decision is made after hearing all parties involved at the request of the primary school management:

  1. school board of the municipality
  2. government council of the canton Schwyz

In case of a possible reallocation from a regular to a bilingual class after the 1st semester of the 1st grade as well as after the end of the 2nd grade, the local school management decides. The first instance of appeal is the district school board.


School report

The school report for the bilingual secondary school is issued on the cantonally valid report form. The performance measurements (examinations) of the students of the bilingual Sek correspond to those of the "regular" secondary school classes.

A supplementary sheet is attached to the school report, on which the bilingual Sek is briefly explained and the affiliation to the bilingual Sek is shown. Additional certificates of achievement, e.g. language certificates, are documented separately.


Contact person – Contact

Management Bilingual Classes
Adrian Reinhard
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Rector Sek eins Höfe
Rick Bachmann
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Sibylle Kistler
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