Student Council Weid

Student Council Weid, Päffikon

Student Council

In the Student Council, everyone has the same rights. We are confident that we are doing important work for our school. Our main task is to express the wishes of our classmates. We also organise events. We discuss these in the council, look for solutions to problems and then discuss the projects in our classes. We inform our classmates about the events and clear up any questions or doubts. We then go back to the council with the opinion of the class, where we try to implement what we have discussed. We then draft a motion and submit it to the teachers. If they also agree, we can proceed with holding the event.


The Student Council is committed to a harmonious school community and helps to shape a school in which everyone feels comfortable.


  • One Student Council member per class
  • Elected by the classes
  • Term of office: one school year or longer
  • Equality of members
  • Supervision by teachers
  • Monthly meetings (or more frequently as required)