Data privacy of canton Schwyz

Data privacy policy of the public authorities of the Canton of Schwyz

With this data privacy policy we inform you about the processing of personal data within the scope of the utilisation of our web pages. The abbreviation ÖDSG stands for Öffentlichkeit der Verwaltung und den Datenschutz (Law on the Public Nature of Administration and Data Protection).

Name and address of the responsible data controller
The person responsible with regard to data privacy legislation and other provisions related to data protection:
Sek eins Höfe
Weidstrasse 20
8808 Pfäffikon

Tel: +41 55 415 75 00

Right to Information
According to § 24 f ÖDSG, you have the right to request confirmation from us free of charge as to whether personal data concerning you will be processed by us. If this is the case, you have the right to receive information about this personal data.

Right to Rectification
According to § 8 Para. 2 ÖDSG, you have the right to demand the rectification of incorrect personal data concerning you. 

Right to Deletion
According to § 8 Para. 1 ÖDSG, you have the right to demand the deletion of personal data, the storage of which is no longer necessary with regard to the principle of proportionality.

Disclosure of Data to Third Parties
As a matter of principle, we do not pass on the personal data provided to us to third parties, i.e. in particular not to third parties for the purposes of advertising.
However, we cooperate with third parties for the operation of these web pages. It is thus possible that such third parties gain knowledge of personal data. We carefully select our service providers – particularly with regard to data privacy and data security – and take all measures required under data protection law for permissible data processing.

Data Processing in Switzerland
We only process data within Switzerland. However, some of our service providers, whose plug-ins and tools we may use, process data outside the EU. This will be disclosed within the framework of this data privacy policy when providing information on the plug-ins / tools used.

Right of Appeal
With regard to your protection, you have the right to appeal according to § 26 ÖDSG.

Server Log Files
When you access our website, the company commissioned by us to operate the website processes and stores technical information about the device you are using (operating system, screen resolution and other non-personal features) and the browser (version, language settings), in particular the public IP address of the computer with which you visit our website, together with the date and time of access. The IP address is a unique numeric address via which your device sends or retrieves data to and from the Internet. As a rule, neither we nor our service provider know who is using an IP address unless you provide us with information during the use of our website that enables us to identify you. Furthermore, a user may be identified if legal action is taken against him or her (e.g. in the event of attacks against our website) and we gain knowledge of his or her identity as part of the investigation procedure. As a rule, you do not have to worry that we will be able to attribute the IP address to you.

Our service provider processes non-personal data for statistical purposes, in order for us to track which devices, with which settings, are used to visit our website, which in turn would enable us to optimise them for the persons in question. The statistics do not therefore contain any personal data. The basis for the creation of statistics is our interest in improving and efficiently operating our business.

The IP address also enables you to access and utilise our website from a technical perspective, and it allows us to recognise and block attacks against our service provider or our website. Unfortunately, attacks aimed at harming the operators of websites or their users happen regularly (e.g. preventing access, spying on data, spreading malicious software (e.g. viruses) or other illegal purposes). Such attacks would impair the proper functioning of the data centre of the company commissioned by us, as well as the use of our website or its functionality and the security of visitors to our website. The processing of the IP address including the time of access is done to prevent such attacks. With this processing, we pursue the legitimate interest through our service provider of ensuring the functionality of our website and to fend off illegal attacks against us and the visitors to our website, as basis for ensuring the improvement as well as the economic operation of our business.

The archived anonymised IP data is deleted when it is no longer needed for the detection or blocking of an attack.

We use cookies and similar technologies (local storage) for the operation of our website, to ensure the technical functionality of our website, to understand how visitors use our website and to store preferences that a user has set in his or her browser.

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your device when our website is accessed by your browser. If you access our website again at some time in the future, we can read the information in these cookies. Cookies are stored for different periods of time. You can configure your browser to accept or reject certain cookies at any time, but this may result in our website no longer functioning correctly. You can also delete the cookies yourself at any time. If you do not do this, we can specify how long a cookie should be stored on your computer when it is saved. A distinction must be made here between so-called session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies are deleted from your browser when you leave our website or when you exit the browser. Permanent cookies are stored for the duration that we specify.
We use cookies for the following purposes:

  • Technically necessary cookies that are needed to utilise the functions of our website (e.g. recognition of whether you have logged in). Without these cookies, certain functions could not be provided.
  • Functional cookies that are used to technically perform certain functions that you wish to use.
  • Analysis cookies that are used to analyse your user behaviour.
  • Cookies from third parties. Third-party cookies are stored by third parties whose functions we incorporate into our website to provide certain functionalities. They can also be used to analyse user behaviour.

Most browsers used by our users allow you to choose which cookies should be stored and enable you to delete (certain) cookies. If you limit the storage of cookies to certain websites or do not allow cookies from third party websites, you may not be able to fully utilise certain functions of our website. Here you will find information on how to configure the cookie settings for the most common browsers:

Contact Form
If you send us a message via one of the contact options offered, we will use the data you provide to process your request. The basis for this is our legitimate interest in responding to your request. If your inquiry relates to the conclusion of a contract with us, this basis also relates to the fulfilment of this contract. The data will be deleted after your request has been processed. If we should be legally obliged to retain the data for longer, the deletion takes place after expiry of the respective period.

If you subscribe to our e-mail newsletter, the data you provide will be processed for the creation and dispatch of the newsletter and for proof of subscription to our newsletter until your revocation. The basis for processing is your consent. To receive the newsletter, you must click on the confirmation link in the verification e-mail that we send you after your registration, which enables us to verify your consent. By clicking on the corresponding link, we process the public IP address of the computer from which the link is accessed, together with the date and time of the click. We process this data to provide proof that you have confirmed that you wish to receive our e-mail newsletter.

Our legitimate interest in this is the fulfilment of our duty to provide evidence of your subscription.
You can revoke your consent at any time by unsubscribing from the newsletter. You will find a corresponding link at the end of each newsletter.

We delete your data when you unsubscribe from the newsletter. The data that we require as proof that you have consented to the sending of the newsletter will be deleted after expiry of the limitation period for corresponding obligations to provide evidence.
For our newsletters we use an external service provider who acts as an order processor for us.

This company is Mailchimp, which is based in the USA and is a member of the privacy shield.